Lipoplex Injections in Westlake Village and Studio City, CA

At Starr MedSpa in Westlake Village and Studio City, CA, our lipoplex injections present a cutting-edge solution for those on a weight loss journey, blending essential nutrients, like Vitamin B12 and lipotropics, to prevent fat accumulation in the liver while aiding in the detoxification of metabolic wastes and toxins. This potent mix not only includes vitamins, minerals, and amino acids (key nutrients for the body) but also combines Vitamins B12 and B6 with fat-burning nutrients to accelerate the body's ability to shed unwanted pounds and toxins. Designed to complement exercise and calorie reduction, our clients often experience a boost in metabolism, weight loss, and enhanced energy levels. We advocate for a weekly injection regimen, highlighting its benefits not just in energizing the body but also in suppressing appetite, making it a valuable tool for those committed to achieving and maintaining their weight loss goals. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

At Starr MedSpa in Westlake Village or Studio City, CA, our lipotropic shots are expertly administered in areas rich in subcutaneous fatty tissues, such as the arm, buttocks, abdomen, or thigh, with the frequency and dosage customized during your initial consultation. These injections, designed to complement rather than replace traditional weight loss methods like diet and exercise, are integral to fostering healthy habits. Our comprehensive blend includes methionine, which aids in fat breakdown and detoxifies the liver; inositol, crucial for fat molecule breakdown, cholesterol reduction, and insulin function, thereby influencing energy conversion and mood regulation; choline, vital for fat metabolism and liver detoxification, potentially reducing heart disease risk by lowering cholesterol; and Vitamins B6 and B12, essential for energy utilization, red blood cell production, and maintaining nervous system health. Starr MedSpa is committed to supporting you throughout your weight loss journey, ensuring personalized care and monitoring to help you achieve your goals.

Frequency of treatment: weekly as needed

Lipoplex injections at Starr MedSpa offer a comprehensive approach to supporting your weight loss and wellness journey. These injections combine vital nutrients to enhance your metabolism and overall health. Here are the key benefits:

  • Aids weight loss efforts
  • Detoxifies the liver
  • Provides appetite suppression
  • Can increase energy levels
  • Reduces feelings of sluggishness
  • Can help balance mood

Love, Love LOVE Starr Medspa! Tenley is wonderful and does an amazing job on my skin. She is detailed, precise and gentle but gets right to the point of what my face needs. I always feel pampered after I leave her chair and I love her staff who always pamper and make sure I am taken care of. If you haven't been there GO CHECK IT OUT!!!

S.S. Yelp

Alison is the best! I went in with lots of pain because of my TMJ and she was able to give me Botox. I can now chew and all the pain has gone away. She is super knowledgeable and gives honest advice! I will only be coming to her for my services for now on.

K.J. Google

Brittney is so thorough in explaining the process beginning to end, aftercare, etc. She is so kind throughout the process and checks in to make sure you are comfortable. I couldn’t recommend or trust someone more with my cosmetic needs and wants! Thank you Brittney and Starrmed Spa! For reference: I have now received a Microneedling treatment, Botox, and Dysport. I am a reoccurring customer of Brittney’s and I absolutely love her!

M.S. Google

Love the staff and nurses. Tiffany is professional and very knowledgeable

M.C. Google

I enjoyed my first experience at the beautiful Studio City location. Tenley and Danika were extremely professional and knowledgeable. Looking forward to the next visit!

P.C. Google


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Discover the power of lipoplex injections at Starr MedSpa in Westlake Village and Studio City, CA. Customized to boost your metabolism, detoxify your system, and complement your healthy habits, these injections are your next step toward achieving your wellness goals. Don't wait to feel more energized, healthier, and confident in your progress. Contact Starr MedSpa today to schedule your consultation.

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